Merchant Turnkey can seamlessly integrate with numerous back office systems and services, which are typically used by builders merchants and building materials suppliers.

The back-office trading systems handle data such as customer records, product pricing, and stock levels etc.

Issues normally arise when trying to synchronise data between web-based applications and the back-office, effectively putting a chasm between them.

This often requires a manual task to input data into the trading system in order to place web orders on the system and ship them to the customer.

Web and the branches are often separated, which creates poor customer experience and is bad for business

While a company’s back office systems may contain essential data for managing company operations, they do not after contain detailed information about the products themselves.

Merchant Turnkey can bring all these data sources together to help deliver the optimum customer experience in any and every channel.

Web should be a natural extension of your branch business, allowing more flexibility and 24/7 trading hours