Timber and insulation

Collier & Catchpole carries a range of timber products to satisfy the requirements of most typical construction projects. We source from a range of suppliers known for their sustainability and quality.

If we don’t have what you need in stock, we are confident it can be sourced from one of these suppliers.

Collier & Catchpole offers a wide range of energy efficient insulation solutions to meet building regulation requirements and reduce CO2 emissions through enhanced thermal performance of buildings.

Our roofing insulation products are suitable for above, between and below rafters, warm flat roofs, metal and concrete deck roofs and PIR-plywood laminates.

The cavity wall insulation does not readily absorb water, making it suitable for damp environments. The product is light and easy to handle but robust and durable and will perform for the service life of the building.

Our floor insulation systems are suitable for timber, concrete, beam and block floors, and for above or below ground-bearing concrete slabs.


We supply a wide range of sawn and treated carcassing timbers to suit a variety of constructional requirements.

All our main timber sections are from kiln dried and graded stocks to suit your needs.

Our carcassing is sourced from a wide range of mills throughout Europe and is renowned for its excellent quality.


Our stock includes plywoods, OSB, MDF, chipboard flooring, shuttering and hardboard all in a variety of thicknesses. 


We supply high-quality planed timber, in any quantity, for all manners of building requirements. In addition, we supply planed mouldings, in any quantity, to suit your requirements.


We stock a large range of metalwork for the building professional or DIY enthusiast, including, joist hangers, restraint straps, structural fixings, angle brackets, wall ties, wall starters reinforcements along with expanded metal lath and bead.

We also stock a range of fixings to suit from nails and woodscrews to collated nails, nuts and bolts.